How to save money on homeowners insurance in Miami

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Did you know that Miami is home to the highest burglary rate in the US? This factor alone leads to higher homeowners insurance rates. In addition, Miami residents are familiar with natural disasters and the costs that come along with them. It should be no surprise that FL is home to the highest homeowners rates in the entire country. Keep reading below to understand what is covered and how to score a great deal on a policy.

What’s covered by my policy?

By purchasing homeowners insurance in Miami from, you will be providing these types of coverages to your home:

Dwelling coverage – Pays for damages done to your home and any other building that are unattached. For example a fence.

Other structures – This provides coverage to your garage or deck.

Personal Property- Covers all of the belongings located inside of your home if they become lost, damaged, or stolen.

Loss of use coverage – This will pay for any additional living expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss.

Liability- Protects you from loss if you are sued or are found responsible for someone injuries.

Medical payments – Will help cover medical bills for anyone who becomes injured on your property.

How can I save money on my policy?

In order to save money on your homeowners insurance in Miami, you may also qualify for discounts. In addition, there are a few other ways to save hundreds on your policy.

Let’s discuss discounts. Here are a few ways you can save on your policy.

Home safety discount- You can save money by securing your home. This would include installing a burglar alarm, a fire alarm, and smoke detectors. Homeowners that take the time to do this can save money. In order to qualify for this, the installations need to be monitored by a company.

Gated communities – Homes within a gated community can provide homeowners with a discount as well.

Rennovations – Discounts can also be given for renovations such as plumbing and electrical work.

Hurricane proof – Hurricane proof your home for discounts. This includes impact resistant roofs, windows, and shutters. These will cost you more upfront but in the long run they will pay off.

Nonsmokers – Smoking is a fire hazard. If no one inside your home smokes, then you can qualify for a smoke free discount.

In addition to discounts, by shopping for homeowners insurance in Miami at Fyou can instantly save hundreds of dollars on a policy. So why not get started today?

Who has the cheapest car insurance in florida?

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Did you know that Florida is home to the lowest car insurance minimums than any other state in the US? With that being noted, it may sound like drivers can get a great deal. However, that is quite the opposite.

Less coverage is a greater risk financially. Florida is a no fault state which means each drivers insurance coverage will pay for their own damages after an accident. In addition, any payouts will be based on your coverage limits, no matter who caused the accident.

Everyone wants the cheapest car insurance in Florida at It’s up to you to weed through the long list of companies to find the cheapest ones out there. Let’s discuss a few companies that can provide you with a great policy.

Where can I find the Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida?

Allstate, USAA, Geico, and Travelers can provide you with the cheapest car insurance in Florida. Please note that each company is different, there will be only one that can suit your needs properly. It is important that you review each company carefully in order to find the best one for you.

In order to compare rates correctly, you will need to collect a few quotes. Each company will provide you with a quote and each one will vary by company. Your rates will be determined by a number of factors. These range from your driving record, credit score, age, gender, and what kind of car you drive. It’s important to know that each company will determine how much of a risk you are differently.

You can manually collect quotes from each company. Another option is to visit a website that specializes in Florida auto insurance coverage. Websites like these will be able to sift through multiple quotes from numerous companies and obtain the best deal that fits your needs. This is a great way to save time searching for the cheapest car insurance in Florida.

Review Each Company

Once you have found the cheapest car insurance in Florida at, the last step before signing the dotted line is to thoroughly review the company of your choice. You will want to be confident with your choice and be assured that you are in good hands. Never underestimate this step!

Allstate, USAA, Geico, and Travelers are just a few companies that can provide you with the rates you are looking for. Don’t be stuck on just those four companies, branch out and review others, you may be surprised what other rates are out there.

How much is boat insurance in Florida?

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If you love spending time out on the water, whether it be fishing or swimming, you may be in the market to buy a boat. Just as you insure your car or home, why would you not insure your boat too?

When it comes to Florida boat insurance, you may have a few questions about the cost, which coverage is the best for you, and perhaps which company carriers are best for you and your needs.

The first question many ask is “how much is boat insurance?”  On average FL boat insurance can cost a few hundred dollars according to, but can run over $1,000 dollars depending on what type of boat you have.

There are also a number of factors that will affect your boat insurance costs. Keep reading below to see which factors can affect your rates.

How you use your boat – If you take spur of the moment fishing trips, your rates will be lower than someone who participates in dangerous water sports.

Are you a good driver? – If you drive well on the road, you will be a great boat driver

Have you filed any claims?- You could end up paying more if you have filed a lot of claims in the past.

Horsepower– Boats with higher performance engines will have higher premiums.

Should I buy boat insurance in Fl before purchasing my boat?

If you are ready to buy a boat then you should consider purchasing Florida boat insurance first thing. Insurance rates will definitely vary, so you want to factor in how much coverage will be before purchasing a boat.

Be sure to also narrow down your purchase choices down to 2 or 3 boats. Then take that information to a local agent. Your agent can help determine the potential price for each boat. That way you can determine which boat can be better for your needs and budget.

Alcohol is one of the main causes of boating accidents. Do not drink and drive. In addition, there are nearly 4,000 accidents involving boats and resulted in $52 million in property damages.

What will it cover?

A FL boat insurance policy from will cover any physical damages done to your boat. This can include hull damage, sails, machinery issues, and any other equipment that is used on board. Also, most dangers are covered too. For instance, vandalism and collision damages.

Remember always review your options before diving on in! A Florida boat insurance policy doesn’t have to be complicated to get!